Flannel Tees Suppliers Are Coming Out Of The Monotonous Plaids And Checks

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  • January 25, 2016

Flannel clothing connotes plaid patterns and checks and people have never thought of anything out of this. Designers have thus begun to give a required break to this old design and bring in come pep and flair. With this view, manufacturers are bringing in new prints and patterns in flannel clothing. Retailers while banking on a girls flannel shirt supplier are making a strict note to check on the variety in their patterns , so that they can woo the fashion conscious customers effortlessly. Thus manufacturers are getting the flannel clothing printed in exquisite designs so that retailers too can spruce up their stocks easily.

Below is a list of the trending and upcoming prints in terms of flannel t-shirts for girls:

Tribal prints

Flannel clothing is witnessing a shift from the usualness and going into these exotic  tribal patterns which are quite vibrant to look at. Sport a very Bohemian get-up with these prints , which come in a range of vibrant colors and also make you look supremely uber-chic, yet classy.  Flannel shirts suppliers are treading into these prints for the craze which is present in this regard already.


This is yet another funky style which retailers are slowly bringing into their collections. The abstract prints basically have no definite shape or theme and are quite distorted to look at. The flannel tees get a whole new appearance with these prints in both digital and geometric patterns. Also, a mixed assortment of colors can easily be witnessed.


Flaunt a very bold and fearless side of yours with animal prints inscribed on your flannel tee. These come in patterns of the skin of animals like zebra, leopard, tiger etc. With a very street smart outlook, match the perfect leather bottoms and black boots with these tees and be ready to be hip and happening !

Photo Prints

Be modish and smartly casual with the trend of photo printing on flannel tees. Flannel tees wholesale distributors are constantly giving attention to this trend, where photos of personalities and characters are directly printed on tees.  This is indeed an artistic creation and the super fabric of flannel clothing gets a charm of its own through this.

Slice of Life Recreated

Today the latest entry into the family of prints for apparel designing is the photographic representation of the urban city life. These are not yet much in practice, but are gaining a lot of exposure nowadays owing to the rawness and reality. Modes of transport, sceneries, and the hustle bustle of city life gets a place on your tee shirt  , rendering a very glamorous look easily.

Alphabets and Numbers

Looking for a flannel tee for your kid? Then try out the retail market for the most zesty and perky flannel tees in exciting prints. These prints basically are nothing but the numbers and alphabets which kids daily use , and their portrayal in a very colorful way. Baby flannel shirt manufacturers are constantly upgrading the stocks of retailers with these fresh additions.

To conclude, we can say that it is time for us to give a break to the usual and monotonous checks in flannel clothing and move towards colors and rich prints. Flannel tees suppliers, too are slowly and gradually making their way easier into the fashion scene.

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