Few Tips to Make Your Custom Tee Design Stand Out

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  • May 17, 2021

As an everyday staple, t-shirts tend to be comfy and unassuming. But with the right designs, they can be attention-grabbing too, creating a style statement that goes beyond usual comfortable.

Here are few tips to design your custom t-shirt the eye-catching way.

If you are a business owner looking out for striking t-shirts, connect with an accomplished t-shirts manufacturer, specializing in wholesale custom t-shirts.

  • Observe cut style

Start by looking into the cut. Rounded neck t-shirts are the most common kind but there are also v neck, square neck and other trending neck styles. Multiple cut types give you the option to select one that suits your body type most. Custom t-shirts are meant to make you stand out in the crowd and you can only achieve that if you feel ultra-confident about what you are wearing.

  • Minimalistic design

Minimalistic designs seem to be a major trend these days but you have to be creative about the design type. Then only such a minimalistic design with simple colors and basic shapes can grab attention of onlookers due to its impressive visual appeal. Also, another plus point of this type of innovative design is that it is very easy for the mind to process and therefore, fascinatingly memorable.

  • Level up the color dose

To make your custom t-shirt vibrant, flowers can be your design choice. Floral designs all over your t-shirt can grab attention with its striking color-smashed appeal. This creates a deep focal point that makes it impossible to be overlooked due to its vibrant colors. A raised print can also make your t-shirt more distinctive but you have to be aware about the washing of such a t-shirt. Then only you can keep the design intact.

  • Use witty expressions

Statement shirts are still in trend. But you have to be more creative with your statement to impress spectators. You can go with a phrase that is catchy and recognizable or promote your beliefs in your unique style for the design.

  • Consider size

Obviously, t-shirts come in different sizes to pump up comfort and confidence of the wearer. But when it comes to custom designing a tee, its size must be noted to fit in the design or graphic perfectly. No matter how striking or appealing the design is it has to look good on that particular t-shirt size to enhance its display.

Whether you are the designer or the wearer, following these simple rules can make your custom design tee the talk of the room. As a retailer with high hopes of expanding your t-shirt business, a request is for you to connect with a celebrated t-shirt manufacturer. The interesting varieties of t-shirts in fantastic colors and designs must be the trademark of such a wholesale tee shirts manufacturer.

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