Everything You need to Know about a White T-shirt

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  • September 2, 2017

A humble white t-shirt deserves praise and space of its own. Hence, this article is dedicated to it. But the main objective here is to educate you about them. With the past that screams of a modest beginning, white t-shirts were originally used as undergarments. But nothing this useful can ever stick to its modest roots without having once being exploited. Enthusiasts started designing white tees to be worn individually and then came James Dean with his dreamy eyes and oh-so-charming looks (that were accentuated by the white tees and the black bombers). This truly boosted the status of the tees and pushed them to the top of the clothing hierarchy. Since then, they have maintained a strong foothold of their position in the industry. We have used them as a wardrobe staple, but it’s a total shame that we hardly know anything about the. So scroll down and know more about their fit, fabric and how to wear them.

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The Fit Matters

As simple as it may sound, the fit of t-shirt poses to be the greatest threat to the men wearing it. The fit of your t-shirt says much about you and your personal style preference. Too baggy a tee with sleeves dangling by the side gives a bulky finish to your torso, whereas a tight version makes you look like a stuffed sausage. Neither is right. According to the enthusiasts, the shoulder blade of the tee should be in symmetry with your shoulders, preferably a slim fit one will work fine. The sleeves should end halfway around the upper arm to show your muscles 9even if you have skinny arms). The perfect fitting is the one that enhances your stature without drawing attention to your body parts (like abdomen) making you conscious.

So does the Fabric

While cotton remains the top choice for both the wholesale t shirt manufacturer and the mass in general, there are other variations of fabric used as well. Polyester is known for its resistance qualities that are amplified by its ability to wick sweat and keep you dry. Synthetic materials are not that great for summers but are durable and cost-effective. Thus, when choosing the fabric, consider the climate and the touch it provides on your skin. if it checks out on these two, you are good to make a purchase.

And to Wear it

Now, this is the trickiest of all. A white t-shirt, regardless of the fit and the fabric, has a charm of its own. It is like an open canvas that allows you let your imagination run wild. But controlling the superfluous run of fancy and following a different norm, here are a few ways that you can totally try out.

► Throw over a flannel shirt on top of your white tee and pair of jeans to carry off a nice and relaxed look. The combination is simple and effective, highly suggestive of a casual setting. You can complete the attire with a pair of loafers.

►A white t-shirt teamed with a pair of blue chinos and an unstructured blazer thrown over casually outlines the smart-casual bravura. A pair of white plimsolls will render you ready for something great and impressive.

► If you are a man of extra comfort, then monochromic combination in the form of athleisure is all you need. a pair of black joggers, a white t-shirt, a black textured bomber jacket and a pair of trainers in white, the essentials of trend highlighted by style.

Thus, it only makes sense that you make optimal use of your white t-shirt. It is there, right there, to woo you and impress the onlookers. They are comfortable when you know which fabric to go for, or enhance your stature by volumes when you have gathered some idea about the fit. A white t-shirt is a staple for a reason, and we should exploit it to the fullest.

Wholesale t shirt manufacturer has an inventory of white tees that showcase a variety of designs. Interested retailers can make a bulk purchase of the same at discounted prices.

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