Dress Up Your Children with Canadian Wholesale Kids Tees

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  • February 29, 2016

The Canadian wholesalers have brought a fresh change in kids’ clothing. Enough of those same old pinky ponky outfits for our gen x children! Obviously they deserve something smart and cool. These wholesale kids tees are designed in the most contemporary style that reflects modern fashion trends without the flamboyance.

Kids’ Trends

Celebs have been captured several times dressing their children in the same clothes they are in. Like, mother-daughter wearing similar skirt and top, shoes and hairdo. While father and son sporting similar shirt and hairstyle. No wonder, such celebrity stunts work really good as page 3 news or for selling papers. But in real life they make no sense at all. Kids look most wonderful in simple and cute dresses. That is why the kids wholesale t shirts from Canada offers a fusion of innocence and fashion in the loveliest way.

From the House of Canadian Wholesalers

The new line of kids’ garments consists of some really good looking t shirts. Woven with the best handpicked fabric and skin friendly colours the tees are definitely going to fascinate your child’s mind.

Blue & White Combo Tee

For your naughty brat they have just the right thing! While the tee is blue in body the shoulder and sleeves in white make the t shirt look so trendy. For your future man of the house this very tee with a message printed on it looks just perfect!

Double Sleeved Tees

From 6-7 years above kids will surely look rocking putting on this stuff. The double sleeved t shirt in the white and grey combo is cool! The graphics at the centre makes the whole outfit look stylish yet simple.

Sleeveless Singlet

Does your child love sports? Then give him this singlet like sleeveless tee for his playtime. Available in blue base with attractive prints on this piece can serve him as a great beachwear as well.

Animal Graphic

Especially tailored for your little babies these cute animal graphic tees are oh so cute. Printed on white base the animal cartoons look quite decent.

Sweatshirt Style

Looking for something to wrap your precious one in winter? Consider this grey sweatshirt with collars and red and navy blue stripes. Ideal fashion wear in cold.

Give Him Red

Give your growing lad the power of red in this funky red tee. Looks amazing with a pair of jeans and sneakers!

Ask the retailers for these products today and let your child be at his best with this range of wholesale kids t shirts.


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