Crop Top Style Tips: Dry Fit Crop Tops Are Must Haves in Summers

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  • March 10, 2016

What if we tell you that , the global fashion  scene is trying its  best to render outfits which are a perfect blend of comfort and styling? Then when you have the opportunity to try this combo, why wear something drab and banal with no comfortable aspect at all?  With the classic trend of  crop tees making a fresh new entry into the fashion world, it is time to  refurbish your closets  a spin with crisp and smart crop tops, which will definitely make you look like a diva anywhere.

Dry Fit Technology, a Splurge of opportunities  in Summer

We all want to wear something which is comfortable enough to sustain all day, especially in hot scorching summers. The top-notch dri fit shirt manufacturers are leaving no stone unturned to produce a wide new range of tees which are made of this dry fit technology, providing ample instances  for a cool relaxed style quotient. the new range of dri fit shirts wholesale products have high-end moisture and sweat wicking properties, which are capable to keep the wearer cool, dry and fresh all day without any discomfort. Absorbing the sweat through the tiny pores, they evaporate them quickly, making them easily breathable during summers. Comparatively stronger and more durable, these tees retain their construction and features for a longer time without getting distorted  with one or two washes.

Dry-fit  Crop Tops : A New Possibility

What could have been better than wearing something which has equal amount of fashion statement and comfortable touch? You got us right , as we are talking about the crop tops which are produced with dry-fit technology by the leading dri fit manufacturers, so that retailers can woo their customers easily.

A  Good Bottom

The 60’s style  of crop tees have the utmost versatility to be worn with any bottom wear, be it trousers or skirts. There are few style rules which you can follow to get the crop tops trend right.

  ►Proper and proportionate skin show

Now that you are ready to show off your midriff in a crisp dry fit crop top,  decide on the amount of skin you want to flaunt. For  revealing your well toned abs, go for  low waisted pants, whereas for minimal skin show, try something in high waste cut.

 ►Colour game

When it is summer, play with the maximum number of colours. With the dry-fit technology rendering a comfortable feel, go for an easy breezy stance, by putting together a lot of colours for the ultimate summer frenzy look.

 ►With posh pencil skirts (recent craze)

You might think that wearing crop tops  is can only be done with denims and simple skirts, but the celebes have introduced the elegant trend of doing it with pencil skirts, which gives a mixture of party and formal look.

 ►Layer them up nonchalantly

You can now wear your sleek outer wears confidently and comfortable in summers. When you are  doing crop tops made of dry fit technology, care no more about feeling sweaty and hot. Resisting moisture easily, they can be teamed up with lightweight blazers, and shrugs or kimonos for a notched-up appeal.

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