Combo Option : Blank Dry-Fit T-Shirts Wholesale and Customization

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  • January 15, 2016

The possibility with dri fit t shirt wholesale clothing is, to a large extent, limitless. But few small clothing businesses truly understand the potential in this industry. The add-on services of top dri fit manufacturers and the features of their t-shirts, when efficiently understood and used, could be a blessing for any business. Let’s explain, step-by-step, how go you can get the best of all the opportunity in this niche and optimize your financial return.

Core Feature of Dry Fit Wholesale

When the fabric is processed using dri-fit technology, their wicking properties jump up to the next level. Meaning, the clothing items can tackle all the moisture related problems quite efficiently. They can absorb the sweat from your body quickly, pass it through their tiny pores to the outer surface and evaporate them even quicker. This leaves the clothes dry and fresh- back to its original state. And, of course, this makes them more comfortable and easily breathable.

High quality fabrics – Another feature of dri-fit items, only when you’re buying from leading and renowned dri fit clothing manufacturers, is that they are comparatively stronger; this helps them sustain longer.

Extensive Customization

Dri fit wholesale clothing items, thanks to their above mentioned features, are highly prevalent and hailed in the sports and fitness market. Meaning, with the quick and easy customization option, you can easily design and tailor your bulk to cater this market- a market that is very huge, filled with plenty of opportunities for the small businesses.

Magic of Sublimation – Customizing with dye sublimation printing is the best option. This process can print everything without distorting the quality of the fabrics. Unlike other printing process, sublimation does not put any outer layer on this surface of clothes; hence, their dri-fit properties remain intact.

Targeting different sports– You can easily target different sports fan base by personalizing your dri fit shirt wholesale to relate to any particular sport. Some of the popular sports on which you can easily and effectively capitalize include football (American), soccer, cricket, baseball and basketball.

Splash of Style – Your custom tees doesn’t necessarily be solely targeted to sports fans. You can target the general section- both women and men- by personalizing and making your bulk more stylish and in alignment with the persisting trend. Use different colors, fancy designs, patterns and texts and your customers will droll over the comfort and style of your custom dri-fit tees.

Understanding the above mentioned points and taking few simple steps like contacting a good dri fit clothing manufacturers and customizing your bulk optimally can garner more revenue to your business.

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