A Style Guide For Ladies To Rock Those Graphic Tees!

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  • July 20, 2020

In the last few years or so, it seems like graphic t-shirts have made a major comeback in the world of ladies’ fashion. So, where are we on the styling front? Today we will be discussing exactly that, sit tight!

We have all witnessed the basic black t-shirt with a cheeky saying in an internet-worthy font as well as the distraught band t-shirts in your regional thrift shop’s window, tempting you to make your way in. But graphic t-shirts for ladies from a graphic tee wholesale vendor still seem a tad bit like they have the stigma of being more informal and even youthful in the eyes of the regular public. The reality of the matter, although, is that graphic t-shirts can be and are more than laundry days stop. You can sport them at your workplace, for your back to school attire, and even to amaze your weekend date. Whatever the event might be, here is your final guide to styling graphic t-shirts for each one of them.

Go hard on layering

Whether it’s mid of July or you are taking out the hot chocolate in December, layering is crucial to the success of any graphic t-shirt attire. All through the year, you can layer your t-shirt with a plump statement necklace that balances the shades of the t-shirt or throw your t-shirt on top of a short-sleeved button-up with a design that balances the t-shirt’s shades or even one that is the contrast of the t-shirt shades the make the attire more exciting. Cuff the sleeves of the button up on top of the sleeves of the t-shirt and ensure the collar sticks out of the t-shirt’s head opening to guarantee the most sophisticated look.

Swanky bottoms

The typical choice is a pair of leather pants or jeans. It’s a typical rocker appearance that you can make more sophisticated by throwing in a blazer or a pair of heels. If you wish to jazz things up, think of teaming up your graphic t-shirt with a pair of slacks that have floral, stripes, or other patterns. Another choice is to opt for some pants that are a daring shade. Choose bottoms that go with shade in your graphic t-shirt to keep things looking deliberate and compose.

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