6 Things Your Wholesale T Shirts Manufacturers Must Have!

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  • April 14, 2018

As a retailer working to get the best quality tees from wholesale t shirts manufacturers to get their sales targets on point, one must know what to look for in their business partner – the producer. However, in the online age all websites are well maintained and all producers look like they are worth a billion dollars. So how does someone on the lookout for genuine brilliance find their way and build a partnership that will last?

With these 6 pointers to check for, this blog is going to make selecting the right associations to do business with pretty easy! Thinking it’s too good to be true? Just read down below!

1. Good Reputation

When you talk about manufacturers, you talk about sending bulk orders that are well worth thousands of dollars. Not accounting for your success as a retailer, this kind of money is a lot for most business people in the country. It makes sense to go for manufacturers with reputation, so that you have some kind of confidence in the deal while investing the money. A good reputation could go a long way both for the manufacturer and for you.

2. A lot of Variety

Variety is the spice of life and nothing changes with tee shirts either. When making a choice between different ones, you will always visit the store with best prices and variety! When you order in bulk from a manufacturer with a 5 or more page catalog in every kind of apparel, you have far better choices of making your customers happy! Not just that, you can also shuffle between different designs in your orders making your store look more diverse and trendy to people who are always on the search for new.

3. Best Quality

For any product to sell like hot cake, the quality must be superior and comfortable for customers who are buying. The clothes must be made from original artificial and organic clothing and not blended with cheap alternatives. Being a retailer, you must be well versed with fabric quality and authenticity in order to be able to understand the difference in samples and select the right manufacturer, thus giving your business the best opportunity to grow.

4. Customizability

If your selected manufacturer does not offer custom in tee shirts, you will have a hard time bringing in trendier collections. The manufacturer must have the ability to convert your design requirements to perfect reality. This way, you will be able to understand daily trend changes and order customizations accordingly. Fashion industry only accept people who are ready to roll and change with it every day, and that is just a quality your manufacturer should have.

5. Timely Delivery

Even if all the above conditions work in coherence, without the timely delivery you might lose out on important fashion windows. As a clothing and tee shirt retailer, it is absolutely important that you are able to introduce new seasonal collections before or at the same time as other retailers, failing which you will miss the buying rush of new collections which is the high point of every retail business. So, always make sure you have a manufacturer who is going deliver your orders in time for you to grab all the business opportunities.

6. MOQ Should be Low

Minimum order quantities are always a negative for retailers who are just starting out, since they are forced to order in line with the high MOQs of top manufacturers. But, this in turn proves detrimental for their business and when they have large quantities of unsold tees, they introduces flash sales to clear their stocks. However, if some of the top manufacturers had lower minimum orders, it would be easy for retailers to make smaller orders and target in selling all of them during season highs, which is the most profitable time.

All of these 6 qualities can make a hell of a difference and surely upstart your business and shift your retail gear, driving you towards better sales and profits. Now, who wouldn’t want that to happen? So, don’t forget these pointers and you will surely find your perfect wholesale t shirts manufacturer match this season!


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