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6 Stylish Crop Tops Designed for Every Body Type

First off, not objectifying anyone, every cloth that is designed in the fashion industry is suited for everyone, not being subjected for only the perfect specimens, namely models. Crop tops forms one such creation that sits perfectly with everyone. They are defiantly stylish and there is no doubting that. However, a little guide can harm no one. Listing such tips, different type of crop tops have been summarized as given below for women of every shape. Scroll down to have a knowledgeable fashion extravaganza.

Wholesale Crop Top


Blessed with a defined waist and the chest and hips are of the same size, almost everything looks great on this body type. When it comes to crop tops, pick one that has a plunging neckline and the mid-riff. Team the top with a pencil skirt for a more definite addition to the silhouette. Solid, neutral tones can work best for women having this body type.


Imitating the shape of a rectangle, women with this body type have shoulders, waist and hip of the same dimension. While adding layers can be a great alternative to add volume to the structure, a bustier crop top with a layered skirt (like ruffles and frills) can be a nice way to appear fuller and render a structure to the silhouette.


A pear shaped woman has wider hips and narrow chest and shoulder. The need here is to draw attention away from the bottom part of the body and focus on the upper half. A crop top with wide neckline balanced with neutral bottoms has the right impact. Furthermore, wholesale crop top available with reputed manufacturers come in quirky prints that can add a wow-factor the entire guise.


Just the opposite of a pear, an apple shaped woman has broader chest and shoulder, and narrow hips. One of the most noticeable features of a lady with this body type is her legs, which are toned. Taking advantage of this, wearing crop tops which highlight the waist and the hips helps make an absolute impression. Structured crop tops in solid textures teamed with A-line skirts are a commendable combination to try.


Since women these days are regulars at gym, having a toned and muscular body is subjectively common. Wearing crop tops with frills that enhance the toned abs and pairing it with skinny jeans is flawless in every definition. Opting for bright shades and printed undertones can be a great way to uphold the entire ensemble.


Women who are short (below 5 ft 4 inches) and have a small structure should opt for crop tops which comes in two layers, which are well-fitted around the chest and flowy around the waist. Teaming it with straight cut pair of trousers or shorts can give a taller and broader appearance. Too tight a fit should be avoided at all cost for that can give a smaller appearance.

On that note, crop tops are extremely fashionable and are a noteworthy addition to the outfit collection. Thus, if you are a retailer who is interested to make a bulk purchase of crop tops wholesale, then reputed manufacturers have a vast inventory of the same. These come in a variety of colors and are available for all body types. Discounts are available on making bulk purchase.

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