5 ways You can wear a White T-Shirt without being Hung-Over Labour Day

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  • May 6, 2017

There is something about a white t-shirt. You can dress it up, you can dress it down. It is like a plain canvas, waiting for you to fill it in using the best of your imagination. But that also increases the margin of error that can be committed. One misjudgement, it may seem like you are still hung-over after a crazy labour day. So how to wear them? How to make the most versatile staple of your wardrobe work in favour of you? Read on dude, for here is given a number of ways to dress them. Draw inspiration from them and you are golden (not the colour but just the state of being).

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A Flannel Shirt+ A White Tee+ Dark Jeans

Flannel shirt, check. White t-shirt, check. Dark jeans check. We all impressed, check. This is the most casual yet most effective look to try out. Get it right, you fly high. Get it wrong, well you can’t get it wrong. While the t-shirt acts like the navigator, the flannel acts as an anchor, holding the outfit together. The pair of jeans is the passenger that needs help. Complete the look with tan boots and walk in style.

With the Trousers

Often times, while navigating through the smart-casual look, you tend to lose your way. For a change, let your white t-shirt be your pilot and let it steer into a look smart enough to win glares. A pair of dark trousers with a relaxed fit and the outfit completed with a pair of white trainers. Blazer or no blazer depends on your mood and the mercury (if you wear a jacket when the sun is up, you will become a roast).

Uh, The Leather Jacket

James Dean gave men all around the world, for decades, a look to imitate, to take inspiration from. So a leather jacket worn over a white t-shirt will give you an edge over the appearance. Detailing, however, is something that you should be careful about. While the jacket and tee can sit there a bit relaxed, the pair of jeans should come with a slim fit (hugging your skin) and the military boots should have a glossy finish for that crisp 1950s guise.

The Suit Overloaded

That time you decided to walk in your office wearing a white t-shirt, you were asked to stick to the conventional attire. But a boring suit? Breathe in an air of freshness by incorporating your white tee with a black suit. A pair of derby for footwear, conventional enough? However, the suit should be tailored for an elevated appearance.

That Printed Shorts Story

The white t-shirt is your canvas and why not splash it with some bright shades and vibrant prints! The advantage here is that you don’t have to worry about looking excessively flashy as white grounds the prints hard. Keep the t-shirt untucked, the fit of the shorts clean and balance the look with a pair of white trainers. A hat will be a fun inclusion as a perfect summer accessory without you having to try much.

So make the white t-shirt the hero of your wardrobe this season by trying out the best of the looks as mentioned above. With enough advice, things should be easy for you. Wholesale t-shirts can be purchased in bulk by retailers from prominent manufacturers who showcase a wide range of t-shirts as a part of their inventory.

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