5 Ingenious ways for Ladies to wear a White T-shirts

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  • August 19, 2017

The affinity to stick to staples has been there for as long as fashion dates back. You get one piece that you are comfortable in and you stick to it. T-shirts have qualified themselves in that arena and have been a friendly clothing piece since their inception. However, it is quite surprising to realize that these comfortable staples were actually undergarments for men. Ladies were not there in the scene; till some enthusiasts thought that it would be a sane idea to introduce t-shirts in the ladies department.

Be it the flamboyance or the style statement, t-shirts blend well with all types of occasions. So if you are a lady of style, yet value your comfort dearly, then here are five ways to wear t-shirts. The hacks are simple yet highly effective. Thus, follow them closely and prepare to get some glances along the way.

The First way…

Since we are talking about using the t-shirts in the most ingenious way, it only makes sense that you wear them with something comfortable. Tuck in your white tee inside a white lace skirt to look elegant. To further accentuate this sporty crossed casual look, wear a pair of black trainers and tie a flannel shirt (in black preferably) around your waste. The perfect summer outing!

And Then…

You trade the knee-length skirt with a long maxi skirt in a darker tone, knitted to accentuate the texture. This time, you can also use a little of the graphic motif on the tee. Popular on the runways this season, wear a pair of the pump and use a statement belt to add definition to your silhouette. A choker and a tight top bun, you are good to go for any dressy occasion with panache unparalleled.


A utopian extravagance is always in the pipeline when t-shirts are the piece in question. For a Sunday brunch, assuming you will be too lazy to dress up and might be a little hung over from the wild Saturday night, this is the ideal ensemble. Team your white t-shirts that can be purchased from wholesale t-shirts suppliers with a brown suede mini skirt. A pair of brown ankle boots and a chunky neck piece will render you ready for that dreaded Sunday brunch.


You might not realize how impactful your tee and shorts combo is, but it is time you actually start loving it, again. A white t-shirts coupled with dark blue denim shorts is the ultimate sartorial combination for summer. A pair of white trainers and wait that is just it. All you need to be at the pinnacle of style and comfort.

And the Last one…

Athleisure! Can any “how to wear” t-shirt list be complete without mentioning the athleisure look? No. so, here it goes. Team your white tee with a pair of khaki sweatpants and white trainers. You can further use a bomber jacket in earthy tones to make it a stand-out guise. No need to add extra embellishments and let the charm and simplicity work their way.

On that note, the wholesale t-shirts suppliers make sure that the tees are constructed with fine quality materials that are soft on the skin and have a smooth finish. A white t-shirt is like an open canvas that can be interpreted in different ways. You pick yours and make it a noteworthy look.

Interested retailers can make a bulk purchase by registering with the manufacturers. Discounts are also available!


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