5 Awesome Tees That Goes With All Your Moods

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  • October 1, 2021

This year, there are plenty of simple t shirts that are quite in style and on everyone’s lips and probably you are not having all of these already stacked in your wardrobe right now. Each of this new collection’s tees has something different about them which your existing collection lacks.

Keep reading to get to know about the 5 popular t shirts that you need to buy right now from the wholesale t shirt manufacturers.

Muscle t shirts

Muscle t shirts have been creating quite a buzz. This one is not exactly a new addition though, as most of you might already own a few of these muscle tees. Popular designers and stylists have been focusing on them and the Instagram is already full of the muscle t shirt pics. With a variety available for you to pick your casual and formal ones, they work great for your workout sessions.

Cropped t shirts

If you have already gone through the list of what’s trending right now, you might know this already that 2021 is very much the year of crop tops with mini skirts. Whether you like it not but the crop tees are back with a bang in fashion, making a position in the celebs’ insta feeds and designer collections already.

Embroidered t shirt

Another popular t shirt look that you must successfully pull off this year is embroidered tees. Embroidered tees along with lace trimmed ones are some of the prettiest t shirts that have been catching woman’s fancy. Team up your embroidered t shirt with the other season staples and make every guy fall in love with your look. How about a cotton poplin tee having embroidery on the front? Don’t tuck in but keep it loose over a pair of your casual jeans and add a pair of mules to go with it!

Striped t shirt

Next in the line is that tee type that suits almost all the seasons of this year—the striped t shirt. Striped tees are meant to stay not just this year, but will continue to the coming years as well. If you are someone with a petite, cute image, then give these tees a chance as they will work their best in creating an illusion of a leaner and an elongated torso.

Doodle t shirt

No matter how grown up you are, there is always room for some playfulness in life, isn’t it? Start this right from your wardrobe zone. T shirts having doodle art all over them are quite a thing in 2021. These doodles are done in any way one might like, wavy lines, thin lines, shapes of all sizes and colors— you just name it. If you want to add a bit more quirkiness to the whole thing, then let your own imagination run wild, sketch something unique and get it printed!

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