4 Un-boring ways to Rock a T-shirt in Scorching Heat Outside

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  • August 12, 2017

A t-shirt is your best friend! No, seriously it is. There is no exaggeration in this fact because it is true. You know that! it is comfortable to wear and has an undeniable charm that cannot be ignored. When dressed properly, a t-shirt can help you stand out. So with attributes so strong, a t-shirt is the rightful staple in your wardrobe. this summer, learn how to wear t-shirt in unique and innovative ways to win glances and hearts.

#Unboring Way 1

To make your graphic t-shirt look cool, wear it like a blouse. You can team your white printed t-shirt with a pair of navy shorts and fishnet stockings. Throw over a nice structured blazer on top to give the classic wardrobe a fresh approach. A pair of knee length boots to team with the ensemble will render this overtly casual appearance, a sassy look and help you stand out in the crowd.

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#Unboring Way 2

One of the biggest advantages of a plain white t-shirt is its ability to dress up or down according to your requirement. So if you have a party to attend, give your tee a classy and elegant appeal by teaming it with a pair of black leather pants and pumps. You can use a silver jacket to add drama to your ensemble. Furthermore, a chunky neck piece can sum up the choice of your accessory, giving you an elegant yet flashy appearance.

#Unboring Way 3

What can be the most common and normal way of wearing a t-shirt? With a pair of jeans right! So the list will be incomplete without mentioning how to wear it with jeans. But you probably already know how to pull that look. However, out of habit, team your graphic t-shirt with a pair of jeans. Pick a tee from the leading wholesale t-shirts manufacturers for they have a bunch of them in their inventory. For footwear, pick a funky pair of sneakers and use shades for accessories. This will help you appear like a casual chic on a roll.

#Unboring Way 4

If you are a fan of balancing casual and dressy, then this is the outfit combination you should really opt for. A t-shirt worn with a pair of jeans and a structured blazer will give your appearance a sophisticated finish. Using tailored clothes will give your silhouette a boost. Wear a nice pair of red boots to glam up your look for a night out with your friends, or even for a date.

To conclude, wear your t-shirt in the most unboring ways (as mentioned here), and enhance your personal style. As the looks that were drawn up here, you can be assured that you will be comfortable even if the mercury doesn’t comply. Play with the shades and textures to look like you are in sync with the seasonal prerequisites.

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