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3 Ways You Make Use Of Summer Polo Shirts This Season

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Are you thinking of stacking away your polo shirts? Probably thinking about waiting till spring to sport them again! But just hold on a second! Before you actually throw them to the darkest corner of your closet, give this article a read. Your polo shirt is more versatile than you think and looks great when layered the right way. If you are still not sure how to do it, here is a list of ways you can wear your polo shirts and impress all ladies with indefinable charm.

Pick a bright color polo shirt, preferably in red and team it with a pair of jeans and plimsolls. Throw a textured bomber jacket in black over the ensemble and look charming. Remember to keep the shades muted for a more refined appeal.

If you are a fan of the 80s fashion, then this is the look worth trying. Team your polo shirt with a suede jacket and a pair of chinos. For the polo shirt, pick in a subtle shade of blue, whereas beige can work well for the chinos. Loafers for footwear and aviators for accessories, you will be done for an elegant yet conventional appeal. Wholesale polo t shirt manufacturer has polo shirts in basic colors that can be purchased in bulk by the retailers.

A leather jacket and a polo shirt is the ultimate combination to try for that preppy look you wanted to achieve for so long. A polo shirt in grey teamed with a pair of jeans completed with a tan leather jacket on top is the ensemble to opt for. Pick a pair of plimsolls and just step out the door to look like a bad boy with great fashion choices.

Thus, make good use of a versatile polo shirt by teaming it with the right apparels. Interested retailers can make a bulk purchase of polo shirts in a vast variety of colors and patterns from the topmost wholesale t-shirt manufacturer, who has an inventory boasting of the same. Register today to secure discounts.

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3 Ways You Make Use Of Summer Polo Shirts This Season
Polo shirts can be equally preppy and badass while adding volumes to your appearance. Learn the right way to make use of them and impress the onlookers with an undeniable charm.
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Only Teez
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