3 Ways to Rave up a Polo Shirt look this Summer

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  • July 22, 2017

The unpredictable weather that we are often faced with during the summer season can be annoying, especially when we are faced with tough sartorial choices. The melting fury of the Sun makes us want to strip all our clothes and slip into something comfortable and airy. But wait, that is not allowed in most places? Dressing decorum you see!

The trouble seems big (and it is), but the solution is easy as well. In fact, it is right there in your wardrobe. A polo shirt! You have surely heard about it, and now it is time to make use of it. Wondering how you are supposed to do that? Wait, are you not already doing it?

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Yes or no, whatever the answer to the questions maybe, here is a list of three polo extravagance tips that will sail your ship this summer.

  • A polo shirt can be worn under the suit. No, this is not information, but a statement. You can actually team your polo with a suit. For the perfect conventional outlook, go for a darker hue for the polo and a lighter tone for the suit. The contrast will give a nice effect to the outfit. Pick a smart pair of brogues for that extra dose of resolution. Use a statement belt for added panache.


  • For a dressier approach, team your polo shirt with a pair of tailored chinos. While again, go for the contrasting influence, chinos in the neutral shades and polo shirt in darker hues will work the right charm. Wholesale polo shirts manufacturers have a wide variety of shades for you to choose from. Loafers for footwear and shades will complement the ensemble well.


  • Since it is summer and we all are in the lazy holiday mode, make sure to team your polo shirt, in pastel colors, with a pair of knee length shorts (which can be in printed luxury). Very 1970s in their approach, you can wear a pair of sandals to keep the look grounded yet very impactful. Perfect for a day out discovering the city!

On that note, polo shirts are already the niftiest piece of outfit you will get out there. Thus, make the optimum use of it by wearing it right this summer. Wholesale polo shirts manufacturers have an inventory showcasing the same that can be purchased in bulk by retailers at discounted prices.

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