3 Trends for T Shirts in 2018 That You Need To Know

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  • January 18, 2018

T-shirts have long been a comfort fodder for men’s fashion department. And 2018 is going to be no different. The easy to wear and relaxing pieces of fabric are a confidence builder and fail-safe. But this year, something else is going to change. The conventional t-shirt trends are getting replaced with more technical and contemporary inclinations. Want to know what they are? Keep reading.

The athleisure

The world has accepted the American culture in more than just one way. This can be felt in the acceptance of athleisure as one of the key trends in the fashion industry. The modern men want to incorporate technology into a casual silhouette that is tailored but still. Athleisure has become a part of the everyday life. Reflecting the world through the eyes of the plethora of activities, the contemporary sportswear has become a necessity. When it comes to t-shirts, the smart fabrics combined with an even smarter palette give results that are impressive. With lots of black, brown and navy making way to the athleisure tee this year, it is time to adapt to this massive trend.

The retro-future

The 1960s was a great time to be alive. While all of it seems like a ghost of the past, private label t shirts manufacturer are trying their best to explore the notion by combining it with the concept of tomorrow. The grounded motif is using a wide range of colours and prints from the 60s- beige and grey for shades, and checks for patterns being the basic choices, to coincide with the trends of today, namely a t-shirt. The main meeting point of the retro world and the future aspirations can be defined in the soft shapes of the past and smart fabrics of the future. The t-shirts are given a whole new definition of this trend.

The eco-conscious

As the world becomes more and more mindful of the environment in general, the fashion grid is successfully incorporating it into their clothing trends. The eco-conscious design is set to take a whole new meaning with smart textiles and active silhouettes. The motif mainly relies heavily on modern technology while drawing references from nature. The trend emphasizes on designs that comes with proper directions (to elucidate, it shows the true motive of the motif) and clever details, which promotes comfort, yet stays true to the traditional design of the t-shirts. You will notice an excessive use of the different shades of green, orange and blue for this particular trend.
Thus, it can be defined as a turning point for t-shirts which are being grazed with trends that would usually belong to the more tailored and conventional pieces. However, the enthusiasm surrounding tees can’t be denied or avoided, so incorporating them seems like the best option ever. Wholesale t-shirts suppliers have pieces in their inventory that reflect the trends well. Retailers can get them in bulk and update their own collection that complements the need of the modern day customers.


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