3 T Shirt Trends for Women That Will Rule 2018

  • Only Teez
  • January 25, 2018

T-shirts have become a comfort piece for many. Women love wearing them. But 2018 is going to see something different. Something unique. Without wasting much time, let us analyze some of the trends that are speculated to become big for 2018. Keep reading to know more.

Going with the flow

The idea to bring forth the artistic side of women in an unexpected way is the main motive of this motif. The art world respects the quirkiness and finds a way to stand out in the crowd. Embellishment and metallic themes work well combined with layered and statement t-shirts. Black, purple, orange, green, blue and peach, all in metallic textures is what you should be looking for. This particular theme definitely relies much on on the hint of going with the flow. It is edgy, highly influenced by the street style statements and is progressive in nature. Retailers can get similar tees from wholesale t-shirt manufacturer.

The 80s nostalgia

The cacophony of elevated 80s style can be very well witnessed through the bright colors as showcased on a plethora of t-shirts. The nostalgia is seemingly overwhelming and the enthusiasts have taken things a notch higher by putting together unexpected details throughout the t-shirt, which also resembles the 80s statement. Just as mentioned, the tees come in bright colors like yellow, pink, orange, green, blue and even embellished white. Boxy and elongated shapes, sheer materials and relaxed fit are the key features of this particular theme. A fresh new take on the 80s trend, you can have tees featuring the same and appealing to many.

The modern tradition

The notion which mingles tradition with urbanism is truly spectacular and the t-shirt enthusiasts have taken it a notch higher with this motif. The basic construction of a tee has been reshaped using an undeniable youth pulse and classic dressing. Though a seemingly new idea, the classic design of a t-shirt has been combined with modern fabrics like denim. The color remains basic and subtle to counter-balance the entire look and tone down the appeal. These tees are mostly available in an oversized fit, featuring asymmetrical hem and long sleeves. Thus, it can be deduced that the modern women’s style need has been perfectly put together through the use of denim t-shirts.

Hence, new in the block, these t-shirt motifs are fresh and ready to be used this year. Much thought has been put into developing them. Women can now be relieved for these pieces are feminine enough to uplift the spirit while winning glares from the onlookers.

Retailers who are looking to establish their own private brand can start using these motifs to construct the tees. Reputed private label t-shirt manufacturer offer the right services to help retailers attain their aim. 2018 is going hot on trying new things on old pieces. So don’t wait any longer. Register today and start expanding your t-shirt business!


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