3 Different Sports and Their Clothes: Understanding The Art of Dressing for Sports!

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  • February 20, 2017

Everybody loves sports! People are hooked to a number of sports, be it football or baseball. The adrenaline rush that one gets from being involved in a particular sports, or just by being a spectator is undeniable. Since the dawn of civilisation, our forefathers have been associated with a number of games and activities. That was their only source of entertainment. But the scenario has changed a bit. It is no longer about entertainment, it is about being alive!

With a variety of new sports being introduced to the world over centuries, some of them have become a part of our living. And to point it out to the least, fashion industry has its stance here as well. The clothes associated with these games vary from each other and enthusiasts have not let go off of this opportunity. Thus, having the focus on three major sports, namely cricket, football and boxing, which has a wide fan base, here is a list that comprehends exactly how you are supposed to dress for each of the sports respectively.

Sports T-shirts Manufacturers

Cricket: For the Versatility

As one of the most popular sports, cricket is considered to be religion by many. So there is no doubt that many of us are actually obsessed with it. The clothes required to be worn for cricket goes without saying has to be comfortable and has to absorb sweat. The jersey and the flared pants that the cricketers wear are made of blended materials, which allow quick absorption of moisture. Accessories include athlete shoes with high slip resistance, helmets, safety pads and gloves for the wicket keeper. Cricket jerseys are colourful as they reflect the logo of the country along with the name and jersey number of the player.

Boxing: For the Fitness Freaks

Boxing has been around for many years. But it was only the Olympics in Rio that made it a craze. People realised that this awesome sport can actually be a great fitness regime and thus began the fascination. The clothes required for boxing are practical and nifty. You can actually pick wholesale running shirts that come with a good fit as available with popular manufacturers. Furthermore, a pair of shorts and boxing gloves are a must have when sweating it out in the ring. Though many prefer to stick to neutral darker shades, some like top experiment and dawns vibrant hues.

Football: For the Sports Fanatics

Before moving on to the clothing aesthetics, there is a confusion that needs to be cleared. Football and rugby may be mixed up sometimes, but there is a significant difference between them. so focusing on football, which includes eleven players and has completely different set of rules, the clothes required are a round neck t-shirt and a pair of shorts. The apparels are essentially made of synthetic fabrics so as to help the moisture evaporate fast, without weighing down the player. Sports t-shirts manufacturers put special effort and design to craft these t-shirts. Knee-length socks and studded boots for maximum traction form vital parts of the uniform.

Thus, whichever sports you are participating in or maybe just partaking as a spectator, getting the clothes correct is really significant. With sports and wholesale shirt manufacturers having assembled the best athletic clothes for a varied number of sports, if you are looking to make a bulk purchase for an upcoming match, then look no further. Great discounts can be secured if register with the manufacturers today.

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