3 Cheeky Ideas for Customizing A Perfect Valentine’s Couple T Shirts

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  • February 3, 2018

So Valentine’s Day is here. This means that the couples are all ready to declare their love for each other in some spectacular way or another. But chocolates and flowers are a thing of yesterday. How can you do the same without looking creepy or tacky? Well, how about getting matching tees that can help you profess your love for each other while also looking classy? If you are lacking ideas or planning to go for the mutual ones, here is a list that will make you happy. Each of the custom t shirt themes is unique and new. Keep reading to find out more.

Lobster-ised From Friends

Phoebe Buffay from the very popular and everyone’s favorite sitcom Friends made lobsters a symbol of love. Her memorable dialogue, “He is her lobster!” has been a hit ever since. Signifying true love, you can steam things up and proclaim true and forever love for your partner by getting similar t-shirts showcasing this slogan. Opt for a light background to make the customization prominent, preferably in white. Popular sublimation t shirt manufacturers also use a lobster cloud to quote the line. The right way to make your partner feel special!

The Dino Effect

Don’t know about the real ones (must be terrifying) but animated dinosaurs are cute. We are not sure about how those dinos would find their mates in Jurassic Park, but pretty sure they would call out for their partners. You can also call out for your partner by picking an awkward dino theme and printing it on the t-shirts. To heighten the effect, you can opt for two different colors. Black for all the alpha males and white for all alpha females. To give a twist, pick your favorite dinosaurs respectively and have them call out to each other. Innovative and adorable!

The Two Most Romantic Words In The Universe

No, it has nothing to do with the connotation of “I do”. In fact, the whole universe, even people from galaxies far away knows how powerful those words are. Which words are they? “I know”. If you and your partner are Star Wars fanatics, then the significance of this response is already known. For those who are not, “I know” is the perfect response to “I love you”. Immortalized by Princess Leia Organa and Han Solo (swooning), show the sass in your relationship by getting these words printed on a black t-shirt. You will thank us later!

So what are you waiting for? Get the customization game on point this Valentine’s Day by getting the right t-shirt combo for couples. Use these customized prints to elevate the t-shirts. Retailers can bulk purchase personalized tees by simply registering with the reputed custom t shirt manufacturers. Discounts are also available for bulk buyers.

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