13 Tips to Improve Your Polo T-Shirts Style Game

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  • December 8, 2016

Someone has once rightly said, ‘It is not as much about how you wear it but rather how you buy it that matters.’ This statement very well describes the polo t-shirts market. After all, we’ve all been in that spot when we see celebrities in polo tees look like style-God and then we see ourselves in the same wear and wonder- “What am I doing wrong?”

Here we provide 13 tips for men to help them improve their polo t-shirts style game to match that of celebrities. The tips are two folds- (i) How you Buy; and (ii) How you Wear.

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How do you Buy Polo T-shirts?

Of course, you buy polo t-shirts online, but there is a host of things that you need to be very considerate of.

First, look for a good wholesale polo t-shirt online shopping

Stay prepared to spend a bit more, unless you want to cloud up with the low-quality top.

Pick a variety that matches your overall personality. Like if you normally like things to be simple and standard, go with regular colored polo, while if you’re a party animal and extrovert who likes to go bold with their style, root for fancy sublimated varieties with popping color variations.

Be very considerate of the quality of these wears, especially if you are planning to wear them in summer. Ensure they are light in weight, easily breathable, and have decent wicking properties.

If you get involved in physical activities often, avoid 100 percent cotton-made polo t-shirts and go with polyester blend ones. They have far better wicking and ventilation properties and can offer you much more comfortable.

Unless you have a well-built physique, avoid slim fit.

How do you Wear Polo T-shirts?

Now that you have bought some perfect men’s polo t-shirts online, you are tasked to wear them perfectly. How do you do that? Well, we’ve covered that too with 7 simple tips-

Avoid any bottom that’s baggy.

If you want a casual look, go with trousers and denim pants, while for a more professional look go for cotton chinos.

If you are not very confident, please don’t tuck in your polo.

If you are one of those who love to clad in jackets on every occasion, with these polos, go with linen suits.

Always wear shades that complement the color of your top.

Never forget to wear a belt; NEVER!

Go with a sports or casual watch, avoid the classic ones.

Keep these points in mind. And rock the most perfect polo look. But first, go and buy good wholesale polo shirts online.

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