The Printed T Shirts Designs for Summer 2018 Refurbished by The Suppliers

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  • April 3, 2018

Be it to create style statements or act as great marketing mediums, t-shirts have proved to be more than just a clothing staple. Comfortable, and easy to style, tees today are available in an array of styles and designs. You can choose the embellished ones for parties, the single colored tees for weekend errands, and layer them with some fancy outerwear’s, or also go for the printed tees for the preppy casual looks. Now, with endless options being already available in the market, it becomes puzzling to choose the trending ones. But, there is no denial of the fact the tees will continue to reign supreme in global fashion industry for a long time.

The Printed T Shirts Designs for Summer 2018 Refurbished by The Suppliers Only Teez

For spring and summer, you can add colors to your looks with the relaxed and simple looking printed tees that are crafted in a range of necklines and sleeve styles. Here are some of the trends in printed tees that can be witnessed this year, through the leading wholesale manufacturers and t-shirts suppliers.

The use of birds

From aspirations, to dreams, mysteries and natural sequences, the bird images and motifs are used by the designers a lot on the tees. They are embossed in fascinating patterns to showcase different ideas with the use of contrasting colors. Mostly the images of exotic birds are used.

Natural sceneries

For summer and spring, when nature is green and refreshing, the tees are also crafted accordingly with the use of imageries inspired form nature. From the floral images, to plant textures, abstract motifs, colorful botany are used to flaunt the importance and beauty of Mother nature.

The mystic pirate art

Especially for the men, the designers have brought in the mystic pirate art imageries on the tees, especially in dark colors. The pirate skull pictures, with mythical sea imagery, octopuses, and other elements of the world of sea pirates are used.

The trend of comic character representation

Men and women are made to feel nostalgic with the fun of infusing comic characters on the tees. The bright colored tees are used and printed with vivacious comic character images, ranging from 90’s playful cartoons, to twisted faces, the photographic representations and much more.

The abstract and bizarre imagery use

The unique t-shirt designs are created this year for spring and summer using the bizarre abstract imagery. From the dark macabre theme to human anatomy, and much more are being given importance for t-shirts this year.

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