The Ideal Guide to Men’s Polo Shirts

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  • September 3, 2021

Every man’ closet should hold a few polo shirts. These are the most versatile kind of tees a gentleman can own. Often, we can see them on golf courses, beaches and tennis courts. Whether as a leisurewear or a sportswear you can pair them with your favorite shorts or chinos and rule the look.

Get yourself more educated on the polo shirts by taking a look down.

  • Polo shirt origin

Though its exact origin is uncertain, but as per the common belief, it can be dated back to the 1900’s when it first came to the fashion industry.

  • The etiquettes you should follow while wearing one

Men can often be seen wearing polo shirts with almost anything, something giving a casual look to something very formal, whether on a meeting with a friend or boss, polo shirts are often paired with ripped jeans or formal trousers. While coming to the use of this type, keep in mind to wear them fitted but not tight which will help show your lean physique, wear them in accordance to your height, while going to attend a meeting, remember to tuck in your shirt.

  • How should it fit

See to it that while wearing one, the shoulder seam sits on the shoulder bone. Make sure to select one carefully so that the fit makes you look slim and not too tight. If you are without chiseled pecs and washboard abs then you should opt for the classic fit and if you have an athletic physique, then you can go for the slim fit one.

  • The components it’s made of

Polo shirt comes in a variety of materials which includes linen, cotton, polyester and silk.

  • The companions of polo shirt

Not just with chinos or jeans, they look great when you pair them with even sweatpants and shorts. Up your style quotient by going for sneakers, loafers or boot shoes with them.

If you are a business owner with an interest in expanding your business of different kinds of polo shirts, look for the best among polo shirt manufacturers in USA. In terms of a variety of wholesale tees, it is advisable to search for the noted and famous clothing manufacturers in New Jersey.

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