The Confusion Between Wholesale Running T-Shirts and Sports T-Shirts

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  • December 8, 2015

When it comes to small clothing businesses, wholesale running shirts weren’t in their priority list years back. But now since manufacturers has drawn a clear line between running and sports t-shirts, the scene has overturned today. Running t shirt manufacturers are in high demand these days.

Running and Sports T-shirts

On many levels running and sports t-shirts do look and feel similar. But regardless the minuteness of their difference, it is enough for the end consumers to prioritize one over other. So, small businesses must know the difference between the two, so as to optimize the satisfaction level of their customers.

‘Light as air’Okay, to say running t-shirts are light as air might somewhat a bit of exaggeration, but they are truly comparatively very light. The high quality micro-fibers that they are made of, makes them very light. This facilitates the runners and makes even intensive running very convenient.

‘Soft as clouds’- Again we’re overstating; but running t-shirts are far softer and soothing than sports t-shirts and other types. Their fabrics, along with the technology process used in their makings, make these tees very soft and hence- comfortable.

Winner for Wicking

One outstanding feature with which running t-shirts triumph this industry and stands tall is their wicking property. They are very efficient in dealing all the moisture or sweat related problems. Not only are they dri-fitted- most sports wears are- which add in them wicking capabilities, but their high quality fabrics supplements in this property by a large extent. This makes running bearable, if not easy, even during hot and humid days.

Stylish or not

One can definitely put forth their legit argument that sports tees are more stylish than the running t-shirts; it is true! Sports t-shirts comes in a large variation in terms of colors and designs. Most of them are sublimated, which helps them edge the running tees. They are fashionable and wearable in a range of informal events.

Wholesale running t shirts suppliers make their products much simpler, which is not to say they don’t look good. They look formal-like- very simple, elegant and beautiful.

So if your customer approach you for running shirts, offer them exactly that and not those sports tees. If you don’t have the wholesale, connect with any top seamless running t shirts manufacturers or suppliers today.

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