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Pretty Ways To Wear Crop Top Without Showing Belly

If you are always looking to stay away from tops that give you a soggy feeling then you are a crop top lover definitely. They are best upper dress option brought to you by the crop top wholesale supplier especially during the summers. But one drawback (for those who don’t prefer too much skin show) is, they don’t do much in hiding your stomach, in fact they put it on display. However, if you still want to wear it, yet want to conceal your belly then you need to pick the right crop top and pair them properly with your other dresses.

Given below are the 6 useful tips on how you can do so.

Pair it with high rise pants

If you aren’t too much confident in your skin then choose high rise pants that will come to your rescue by covering up your mid-rise area, giving you a stylish look. Opt for high rise trouser or jeans in luxe fabric, pair it with your long sleeved crop top and it will serve you best for any occasion. If you want to take liberty and choose high rise wide legged jeans to go with your long sleeved crop top, then you can of course do that as well. Grab your high heels or sandals if you want to make it more comfy for you.

Wear boxy shaped crop tops with fitted pants

You can also go for boxy crop tops with fitted pants that will provide some kind of balance to your look and will be making your entire outfit neither too tight nor too loose, all the while covering your belly in the middle. During summers, you can go on and choose to wear your crop tops with skirts that will give you absolute comfort and relaxation in summers. If you are on a weekend outing with your loved ones, a suggestion would be to settle for the striped crop top with fitted pants, a pair of nice looking boots, a great handbag to stand out among the rest. Make sure to wear a cami underneath!

Pick flowy crop tops

Other options of wearing crop tops without having to show your belly is to purchase longer style flowy crop tops which do great to hide your stomach and yet allows you to enjoy the style of western wear. So a crop top that looks easy and flowy is surely the great option for ladies who love modesty. In this particular style, it doesn’t really matter what you choose as your bottoms, just ensure to pick the right crop top which has extra fabric to cover your tummy.

Match it with your pencil skirts

You can also go ahead and team your crop tops with pencil skirts and other light accessories which will give you a very refined and clean look. Wearing it with a pencil skirt will not just help in hiding your belly but will also give you a very slim look.

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