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‘Make Our Planet Great Again’: Leverage Trends to Boost Custom T-Shirts Sale

While many clothing business owners still struggle to make decent sales, the smart ones are enjoying big bucks with their unique strategies. Indeed the competition level is high and customers have become more demanding than ever. However, this hasn’t put a limit on the rate of returns for a few retailers.

Are you an Apparel Retailer?


One of the simplest ways to actually gain customers’ attention is to be a part of their conversation. Top brands have masterfully marveled at the art of banking on trending topics to boost their sale. Fitting their vision and goals into different political, social, and entertainment narrations to grab eye-balls, activism has become an integral part of strategies for smart clothing business owners. Whether it is to stock wholesale that complements the Super Bowl league or bulk wear that rallies behind the chaotic election season, these wholesalers/retailers sure know how to keep their collection relevant during every season.

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So, Are You Banking on The Trending Talks?


Manufacturers that offer easy customization options are your best friends here. And good thing is that nearly every top manufacturer, today, provide wide personalization option to bulk buyers. This is, in fact, the biggest parameter for you when deciding where to buy your wholesale from. Whether or not the dealer is giving you the leeway to customize your wholesale t shirt. If not, move ahead and keep looking.

When personalizing your bulk, take time to do it thoughtfully. Tweak your order to suit your target audience’s changing needs and preferences.


With Trump announcing that the US will exit the landmark Paris Climate Agreement, there’s a big outrage across the world against this decision. France’s President Emanuel Macron, criticizing the move, threw the phrase “Make Our Planet Great Again” which has already become an outcry of the large crowd that supports the Paris accord. Using the phrase is just one of many ideas that smart business owners can leverage to boost the sale of their custom t shirts wholesale.

On top of all the recent developments, green activism has always been very popular in the clothing market, with wholesalers and retailers always in the quest to champion the cost and push their sales.

So bank on the latest and trending topics and take part in activism (it never fails); customize your T-shirts wholesale accordingly to sell big-sell grand. Good Luck!