How to Wear Graphic T-Shirts for Women

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  • October 15, 2021

The graphic shirt from a popular graphic tee wholesale vendor is the focus of your complete ensemble. As a result, it is critical to select the appropriate one. We must carefully consider the colors, size, and real images. Bright colors should be used with caution. You’ve already made a statement with the graphic, so don’t go crazy with gaudy reds and bright yellows. In most situations, stick to white and black or greens and dark blues if you add some color. Our favorites are monochrome graphic shirts, and a strong logo in monochrome is guaranteed to stand out.

Layering is an excellent method to complete your look. A graphic t-shirt by itself might appear too casual and as if you haven’t made any effort – unless it’s a scorching hot day, in which case you can be forgiven.

Dress up your look by layering an unbuttoned shirt over your t-shirt and then a denim jacket on top of that. This will add volume and is a fantastic alternative if you’re on the thin side and want your frame to seem bigger. If you need to be semi-formal, instead of excessive layers, wear a jacket with your shirt. Choose a grey or black jacket to avoid seeming ridiculous, and ensure your blazer fits correctly.

Finally, always attempt to pair your graphic shirt with at least a jacket. It simply feels a little unfinished on its own. The great news is that graphic t-shirts go with almost anything. You can’t go wrong with a blazer, a leather jacket, or additional layering with a shirt, as long as you put on that extra layer when it’s cooler. When this isn’t an option in the summer, try to stick with a plain graphic tee.

The graphic

Now for the essential element, the graphic on your tee. Fortunately for you, this is purely a question of preference. If you want to go for the most sophisticated appearance with a t-shirt, go for a graphic tee with an abstract pattern; basic is ideal for looking more grown-up. A monochromatic logo shirt will keep you understated.

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