How to Make Your Running Shirts Last Really Long?

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  • May 2, 2021

Running shirts are the name given to shirts that are constructed especially keeping the requirements of professional runners in view. These come with various kinds of features, which make them excellent for runners. Normally, these are composed of a kind of fabric that can dissipate moisture and heat fast – so as to keep runners dry and cool. These are also made of a kind of fabric that can keep wearers safe from UV rays. Many such shirts are also composed of fabric that can prevent chafing and odour. Once you buy these shirts from wholesale running shirts, here are some excellent ways to care for them and make them last the longest.

Wash shirts right after wearing

You have to keep your shirts safe from antiperspirants, deodorants or sweating. These can leave stains in the usual spots – such as the collars, underarm, neck and back. It also makes these weaker and hastens the process of wearing off. It is highly recommended that you wash shirts right after you wear them, so as to prevent staining.

Rinse them thoroughly

Give your white shirts a thorough rinse. This is because, after frequent usage, these can turn pale. This occurs when the detergent stays in the fabric when washed in an improper manner. It can lead to fading of the cloth after you iron it. This is something that is common with many wholesale dry fit shirts, even the best ones that are available on the market.

While you wash white shirts, it is important that you keep the clothing safe from whiteners or chlorine bleach. This is due to the fact that a few types of fabrics do not adjust well to the chemical and may get yellowed as a result. This is generally an irreversible process. Thus, when you use any chemicals on shirts, you need to be extremely careful. At times, when shirts are worn more often, pills or fiber ends surface on shirt cuffs and collars. These days, you can find various detergents that can help prevent pilling. These can make the shirts last much longer and make them appear in a nice condition for more time, even with continuous usage.

Hang on wooden hangers

This can help preserve the shape of the shirts. When shirts are suspended from wire hangers, it leads to a loss of shape over a period – thus leading to a poor fit the next time around.

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