Hot Sublimation Print Trends of 2016

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  • April 8, 2016

Every year new trends emerge; old ones reappear in creatively re-worked styles and some completely disappear from the fashion scene. Now, the t-shirt has remained a wardrobe staple for men and women alike since time immemorial and thanks to the growing trend of dye-sublimation, the tees have received a fashion twist that has made them one of the most coveted pieces of fashion clothing items to be worn to work, to the street or any occasion and event.

This is must-have outerwear and here is a list of the raging sublimation prints that fashion lovers are going crazy overcome 2016.

The Love for Nature

Mother Nature has a lot to offer. If you are having difficulty viewing all the fabulous beauty that it has, dust off your magnifying glass and take a closer look. Wholesale sublimated tees featuring fine and elegant details from the environment are going to make people fall in love all over again with the natural world. The prints can feature intricate plant textures, vivacious botany, abstract structures resembling earth minerals and surfaces. Colors like green, brown, and bright red and orange are trending this season! These t-shirts are the perfect addition to the wardrobe of any fashion-conscious woman of any age. Retailers, stock up!

A Little Bit of Comic and a Lot of Popping Art

The modern generation of fashion lovers can be described as quirky. To really grab their attention, you need to look for wholesale sublimation shirts featuring spunky and exciting prints featuring spunky and exciting prints. Comic prints have always been quite popular among the Gen-X generation but this year designers decided to give this very popular trend a twist by adding playful graphics and vivacious colors. The photographic prints get cartoonified and it really helps people to express their unique sense of personality.

The Gothic Trend Continues to Grow

The dark and macabre themes have intrigued people for a very long time. With grunge bands making the trend of wearing black clothes and nail polishes hugely popular, this style does not seem to die down. T-shirts featuring skulls, pirates, bones, witchcraft, and other such ghastly images are preferred by music and art lovers and have made their way into mainstream fashion. Do add tees with sinister imagery to your inventory to pull the crowd!

The best part about this raging dye-sublimation trend is that it removes all the restrictions and limitations to creativity and widens the horizons for new design possibilities. Get in touch with sublimated clothing manufacturers to start your very own private label sublimation t-shirt line for men and women and go absolutely crazy with colors, prints, and designs. You can hope to avail massive discounts on bulk orders.

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