5 Go-to Ways to wear a White Tee for this Summer

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  • July 28, 2017

Summer and t-shirts seem to be in concurrence with each other. They are synonymous with each other. Over the years, this undergarment piece has become the staple of our wardrobes. But when it comes to a white t-shirt, we all love it a little more than the others. The reason is pretty simple- it is like an open canvas that accommodates all your imaginations at their best. The affinity of a white tee to blend well with the other outfits, creating stunning results is something that none of the men can get over with.

Whether you are fashionable or just oblivious to it doesn’t matter, for the white tee is a must in the closet and a must for the summers.

Now that we have established the importance of a white tee, let us look at how to wear it. T-shirt manufacturers in the USA have a bunch of the same produced and displayed in their inventory. Considering that it is going to be your go-to item this summer and beyond, here is a list of style tips you can meticulously reflect on in your personal style statement.


Go-to way 1: With an Open Shirt

Now, this has already been established that a white tee opens up a lot of possibilities. Thus, going the absolute casual way, you can wear it under an open shirt (preferably flannel). The element involved here is more of a spontaneous vibe and the unbuttoned look can make it appear more fun. To anchor the entire look, you can team the top wear with a dark pair of jeans (blue or black) depending on you. Complete the look with a nice pair of plimsolls that will maintain the casual outcome.

Go-to way 2: With a Pair of Trousers

To navigate correctly through the tricky streets of smart-casual is very challenging. Get one element wrong and the entire outfit sinks in deep dark water, and you won’t even know how to swim. So before trading into the deep water here is a tip. Team your white tee with a pair of tailored blue trousers and a nice pair of sneakers. To class it up, you can use an unstructured blazer. But keep the look simple.

Go-to way 3: With a Leather Jacket

James Dean was notoriously famous for making the white tee-leather jacket combination popular. This particular uniform is the best way to add some edge to your wardrobe. The key to this particular look is fit and fit. All the individual pieces should fit you properly. So a nice white tee teamed with a classic leather jacket and a pair of black jeans and boots. You are good to go. Minimal choices of embellishment will radiate the true essence of the ensemble.

Go-to way 4: With Track Pants and Bomber Jacket

Not all the time do you feel like dressing up, and not all time do you want to look like a hobo. Finding a perfect balance between the two can be tricky. But with the season’s trends, namely, a bomber jacket, white tee, and track pants, the aim is easy to accomplish. Put the three in a sartorial semblance and you are good to go. Go for the monochrome arrangement and look great even when going on an errand run.

Go-to way 5: With a Black Suit

A suit is much more than just shirts and blazers. The true essence of a suit lies in the attitude that one portrays after wearing it. A black suit combined with a white t-shirt is the ultimate combination of this season that every man must try. Pick a suit that comes with structure and allows your silhouette to stand out. A pair of loafers will further add to the conservatism of the ensemble.

Thus, now that you are familiar with different ways of wearing a white tee, make optimal use of it. T-shirt manufacturers in the USA have an inventory boasting of white tees and t-shirts in a wide variety of colors. Retailers who are interested in making bulk purchases can register online with them. And as for the men out there, make the most of this summer with a white t-shirt. It is waiting for you!

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